Live Lessons via Zoom, SKYPE, Messenger, or Google Meet

Karen | Events
28 Feb 2016

We do now offer live  lessons via Zoom, SKYPE, Messenger, or Google Meet .

If you live outside of the Lakes Region of NH, if you find the commute impossible, or if your schedule will not allow you to come to the Music Clinic during our regularly scheduled hours, then this may be the option for you.

All you need is Facebook Messenger, the SKYPE software which can be downloaded for free to your computer, tablet, or phone from: ,the Zoom app which can be downloaded from:
Google Meet is arranged by invitation from the teacher at the time of the lesson.

This is an actual screen shot of a student who has taken guitar lessons via SKYPE.  His home is in the Lakes Region, but he travels a lot for business.  SKYPE allows him to continue lessons no matter where his business takes him.

We have  given violin lessons to a young student whose family moved to England.  When he first arrived there the online lessons with me were a great way for him to stay connected until his family could find him a suitable teacher in his new country.  The quality of the calls was just like being in the same room.

We have successfully  SKYPED lessons in Kuwait, California, Washington DC, New York, and many areas of NH outside of the Lakes Region.  SKYPE has been used to teach voice, guitar, banjo, bass guitar, and violin.

Computer to computer (PC to PC) calls are always free on SKYPE – anywhere in the world.  Now is a great time, and it’s a great opportunity to get those lessons you’ve always wanted.

Call the Music Clinic at 603-528-6672 or email to get started!  I’m looking forward to hearing from you and helping you learn to play or sing your very own music!

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